Journal of Measurements, Electronics, Communications, and Systems (JMECS) is an international scientific journal which publishes original works on communication, electronics, and measurement system. The scopes include theory and design of circuits, systems and devices for electronics, material for electronic devices, instruments for electronic, energy, and signal measurements, signal processing, signal and system theory, digital signal processing network theory and circuit design information theory, communication theory and techniques, modulation, source and channel coding switching theory and techniques, communication protocols, optical communications, microwave theory and techniques, radar, sonar antennas, and wave propagation. The target audience of JMECS are scientists and engineers engaged in research and development in the above-mentioned fields.

JMECS publishes full papers and letters bi-annually with a high standard review process. Review cycles are typically finished within twelve weeks by application of modern electronic communication facilities.

ISSN : 2477-7994 (printed)
eISSN: 2477-7986 (electronics)

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