Volume II no. 1, December 2016


  1. Design and Realization of Digital Modulator BPSK, QPSK and 16-QAM on FPGA
    A. B. Muhammad, D. Darlis, and A. Fahmi
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  3. Determination of Operational Threshold for Coding and Modulation Combination to Improve The Quality of High Throughput Satellite in Ka-Band Frequency in Indonesia
    M. Pasaribu, H. Wijanto, and B. Prasetya
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  1. Fuzzy Logic as A Method of Decision Making in Automatic Watering Plants
    T. W. Martha, A. N. Jati, and F. Azmi
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  3. Controlling Two Chambers Tank Debit By Ethernet With Proportional Integrative Control Method
    Adnanqays G. Riyadhi, Erwin Susanto and, Ig. Prasetya Dwi Wibawa
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  1. Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Using Combined Sequential Energy Detector and Cyclostationary Feature Detector
    Santosh Poudel, Heroe Wijanto, Fiky Y. Suratman
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